Aimé has dynamized his organization’s communication tools thanks to UNITAR’s course! (ICfD Spring 2014)

Aime Kazika, DRC

Aimé has dynamized his organization’s communication tools thanks to UNITAR’s course! (ICfD Spring 2014)

My expectations of the course have been satisfied and I am grateful to the team of UNITAR, in particular that of the facilitators and the many colleagues with whom we shared the 75 hours and two months of learning, which were not so easy on the organizational and technical level. I feel very pleased and happy to have achieved the objectives set in every module of the course.
 Related to the acquired knowledge and applying it, I don’t know how to tell you how great is my joy, because I don’t only feel as a UNITAR alumni for the Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD) course (Spring 2014 session), but I also feel as the advisor of my organization because after module 3, I myself was impressed by my own acquisition of knowledge and capacity enhancement!
I had to share with my colleagues and my supervisor, who is the Director of Partnership, the possibility of creating a Twitter account for the organization, which was not envisioned. That same morning she informs that we must go ahead and create a Twitter account for the organization, which is something that was never done before! It was a direct result from the ICfD training on using microblogging tools!
 I feel happy to be a good adviser on this innovation brought to my organization, which shall contribute to its development, as well as motivate it to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by social media! The Director of Partnership and the head of Promotion within our department will create a blog for the organization in the next couple of days following my advice to develop dynamic tools and ease their use.
Thanks to the training, I improved my Twitter account very much. Its integrated use with my blog allows me to be more active on the Web. I also learned how to create a blog! This is great! I always thought you had to be a geek or a computer scientist with extensive knowledge of the Web in order to create a custom web site! This training proved me wrong!
With my small computer knowledge and together with the UNITAR’s ICfD training, I now have a custom dynamic website (blog) that I will continue to develop at all costs and further improve.
Besides these tools, I have also gained the ability of using Google Hangout to share and discuss in conference as well as how to use Google Drive. Before, most of my colleagues used Skype to video chat, share and collaborate online! But they cannot imagine all the possibilities available in Google+, especially by having a Gmail account.
We scheduled a working session where I explained how we can do collaborative work remotely and online since we often share the same documents that we must edit and save.
 Finally, I can say that this training was a new opportunity for me. I now see myself as a social media adviser! I will continue working to take advantage of my new knowledge in benefit of my organization. We are now able to improve our website and make it more dynamic, as well as to integrate other tools such as Twitter, Facebook , Google+ , and LinkedIn in order to improve our organization’s visibility on the Web.
 To conclude this testimony, I am grateful and will continue to be because UNITAR’s ICfD course has formed a student who is already putting his gained knowledge into practice, who did not even wait for the end of the training! It was very innovative and collaborative learning moment.
Thank you to UNITAR!
Thank you to its partners!
Thank you to my peers!
Thank you to each and all!


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