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Cinq propositions pour réduire le chômage des jeunes

Improved plant genetic biodiversity through the organization and promotion of agricultural shows and seed fairs

Home Connect Farmer November 19, 2015 Agriculture Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are the biological basis of food security. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is among the world’s richest countries in terms of biodiversity, and the sustainable management of resources is a priority for ensuring food security. However, the state of diversity of PGRFA (Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture) is very low due to the weakness of the agricultural sector in the DRC, with a significant loss of old varieties that have disappeared in areas of conflict. In addition, the lack of international technical cooperation in agriculture in the DRC, the loss of gene banks, the halting of development programs and research, and bad weather have all contributed to declines in State structures for research, seed multiplication, and extension (INERA, 2009). Current extreme weather events, including temperature increases, the scarcity of rain, the drought of c…

Les attentats de Paris : les enseignements à tirer!


Atelier sur le Kin Blogging Positif et le webactivisme le samedi 7 novembre 2015


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L’histoire du petit Bobo !