Affichage des articles du février, 2016

Ten-weeks specialized training programme on Dairy Nutrition

Ten-weeks specialized training programme on Dairy Nutrition
Learn about dairy nutrition and its relation with animal productive and reproductive performanceas well as milk composition and quality.Contribute to a more sustainable rural and overall economic developmentShare knowledgewith an international group of participants and work together on innovative solutionsfor real local case studies delivered by the participants Target audience ·ruminant nutritionists (researchers, local consultants) and veterinarians ·advisors and nutritionists of local compound feed or premix industries (medium and large scale) ·dairy farm advisors (extension services) and heads of farm cooperatives Programme ·Strong emphasis on local feed resources in tropical regions ·Combination of lectures, case studies, peer-to-peer teaching, study visits and ‘hands-on’ experience ·Five major modules and two integration modules ·Lectures by UGent residential professors and several international authorities and guest speakers

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